William Tell (2022)
  • Gaiety Theatre, Dublin ( Irish National Opera ) ; Nouvel Opera Fribourg, Switzerland
  • Director: Julien Chavaz
  • Set & Costume Design: Jamie Vartan (set) & Severine Besson (costumes)
  • Lighting Design: Sinead Wallace
“In INO’s fable-like reading, the beautifully minimalist sets (designer, Jamie Vartan) and shadow play of the sympathetic lighting (Sinéad Wallace) are emotive protagonists. Metaphors abound. A white zigzag delineates the Swiss mountain ranges, later transformed into a lightning bolt that tears the dark skies asunder, then a river of blood.

Epic, mesmerizing and provocative, Irish National Opera's stunning production of William Tell could single-handedly revive Rossini's neglected masterpiece and bring it back, kicking and screaming, into opera's mainstream repertoire. Unforgettable.
Theatre News  ★★★★★
“Chavaz’s sets, designed by Jamie Vartan, are highly effective but minimalist, almost propless, so that your focus goes consistently to the kaleidoscope of human activity on stage.”
Irish Times  ★★★★
“The overall effect is engrossing, a richly rewarding feat of storytelling, as symbol and colour add narrative dimensions of their own.The minimalism of Jamie Vartan’s set proves perfect for this approach, framing the world but never determining it. Its vast, vaulting space is home to a near-ever-present chorus, expertly choreographed by Nicole Morel.”
Irish Examiner  ★★★★