The Last Hotel (2015)
  • Edinburgh Lyceum
  • Director: Enda Walsh
  • Set & Costume Design: Jamie Vartan
  • Lighting Design: Adam Silverman
“Twelve musicians of the Crash Ensemble are arranged under a steeply raked and elevated stage. Everything is exposed in this set, designed by Jamie Vartan, and there are no hidden wings for actors to emerge from, just general clutter, metal tray trolleys, piled chairs, tattered light shades, harsh strip lighting at the rear and the wooden back wall like a corridor in an anonymous hotel.Presented by Landmark Productions and Wide Open Opera, this is a wonderful production; searing, powerful, funny, moving, mischievous, aphotic, devastating, beautiful. Life goes on - just not every life.'The Last Hotel' speaks to us about living, about breathing, about being. Powerful stuff.”
Irish Independent