David Glass Ensemble (1998)
  • The David Glass Ensemble
    The Hansel Gretel Machine & The Lost Child : UK tour & International tour to Asia & South America
    Residencies & new devised productions in Colombia, Hong Kong, Beijing, Jakarta, Manila & Hanoi
    UK selection for Prague Quadrennial 1999
  • Director: David Glass
  • Set & Costume Design: Jamie Vartan
  • Lighting Design: David Glass
“The Hansel Gretel Machine is loosely based on the Hansel and Gretel fairytale. On the bare bones of this structure are plastered layers of symbolism and imagery. It is a dream play, with all the floating, intangible metaphors and sensations of a nightmare.........It is said that we make all our important judgements of people on their appearance, not their words. The David Glass Ensemble's work plunges through this chink in the emotional armour to leave its spectators spiritually shot-blasted. The sense of searing loss which it leaves in the soul is beyond words...........It is a piece that works on levels too deep to identify or enumerate.This is the first production in an ambitious programme from the Ustinov's new associate director Fiona Clarke. If it is any way representative of what is to come, then cosy 'Prior to West End' Bath won't know what's hit it.”
Independent  ★★★★★